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Finding the Audi Q5 AC Drain Location

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audi q5 ac drain location

The exact location of the Audi Q5 AC drain can vary depending on the model year, but it’s generally found on the passenger side, either exiting under the car or terminating in the rain tray.

Here’s a tip for finding the drain:

  • Run your Audi Q5 AC for a few minutes on a high setting.
  • Look underneath the car for a small puddle of water dripping from the drain hose. This will indicate the general location of the drain.

If you can’t spot a puddle underneath, you can also try checking the rain tray. The rain tray is a plastic tray located under the front firewall of your car. It’s designed to collect water that drains from the windshield and sunroof. The AC drain hose may also terminate in the rain tray.

If you’re still having trouble finding the drain, you can consult your Audi Q5 owner’s manual or search online forums for specific instructions for your model year. You can also check out YouTube video on Audi Q5 AC drain cleaning: [invalid URL removed] for a visual reference.

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