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Ultimate ATV Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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A vast array of styles, dimensions, and forms is available for ATVs and four-wheelers. Choosing what to buy may be thrilling and perplexing.

Whether for recreation, employment, or both, purchasing a new ATV requires careful consideration and thorough study. Identifying your top priorities is a crucial step in reducing the list.

Purchasing a Can-Am ATV might be overwhelming because there are so many factors to take into account, including models, price, budget, purpose, and more. Fortunately, we can help you narrow your choices down.

What is an ATV?

An off-road vehicle with a handlebar steering mechanism, a riding position akin to a motorcycle, and the ability to swiftly traverse a variety of terrain conditions is known as an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Often referred to as “quads” or “four-wheelers,” ATVs are made for lone riders.

A visit to a Can-Am dealer may offer professional guidance, an extensive model range, and first-rate customer care when buying an ATV, ensuring you find the ideal vehicle for your off-road activities.


ATVs are smaller than side-by-side vehicles or SSVs. Can-Am side-by-sides are often larger, enabling several people to sit close to one another.

Sometimes, Can-Am SSVs are referred to as utility task vehicles or UTVs. ATV is more nimble, faster, and can make sharp turns, yet it has greater functionality.

Why Do You Need an ATV?

Prioritize your list before beginning your ATV search. To start, ask yourself what you plan to use the ATV for.

Do you give it to your kid or yourself? Are you interested in ATV sports, or will you be using them for work purposes? Or perhaps you require a versatile quad that works well for almost anything?

For whatever reason, be sure to decide why you want an ATV so that you can choose the best one for your needs and lifestyle.

Different Types of ATVs

Here is the list of the different types of ATVs that need to be considered:


Sport ATVs are designed to satisfy the needs of any thrill-seeker with their superb handling and shifting abilities. Sport quads are lightweight and fast and made for sharp corners, solid bumps, and high jumps.

Because of their deep suspension and strong motors, they can help you win your race over sand dunes, desert tracks, or other harsh terrains. Thousands of accessories are available to change and improve their performance and look.


As the name suggests, a utility ATV is designed to assist in performing specialized tasks like farming and hunting. The most common kind of ATV is a utility quad because of its capacity to tow and haul.

These ATVs are significantly heavier, with a larger engine, less suspension travel, and more accessories that allow them to complete a variety of utility tasks.


Because of their versatility, recreational ATVs allow you to conduct both work and play. Their multipurpose design makes them suitable for families. They can be used for daring trail riding, camping, hunting, and other activities.


As the name implies, youth ATVs are typically designed with kids and teenagers in mind. Their safety features range from an easy-to-use automatic transmission to no gears at all to little to no suspension.

This and other factors make it appropriate for young riders who want to try off-roading with a Can-Am.

Why You Should Buy a Can-Am ATV

It’s never been simpler to enjoy nature, and using a Can-Am ATV makes it even more enjoyable! Without a car that can navigate every type of terrain, you never know what kinds of destinations you can get to.

Off-roading activities might develop into thrilling camping customs that you can share with your loved ones. See our selection of Can-Am ATVs and why you should buy one.

Something for Everyone

For good reason, Can-Am is among the biggest producers of ATVs! These compact yet powerful devices allow both ardent labourers and daring explorers to partake in a variety of outdoor activities.

A Can-Am ATV can be used for a variety of outdoor pursuits, such as rock crawling, hunting, mudding, working, or simply riding the trails. No terrain is off-limits to you and your friends because they are designed to travel where other vehicles cannot.

Can-Am Engines

Since 1998, when they unveiled their first ATV with a multipurpose base, Can-Am has set the standard for innovation.

Though all Can-Am ATVs are designed to withstand rough terrain—both wet and dry—with the late 1990s model, they became more accessible to the outdoor enthusiast.

Can-Am has also developed and launched its “Tri-Mode” dynamic power steering. This technique makes steering considerably simpler and reacts rapidly to the speed of the vehicle.

Additionally, the business introduced an independent rear suspension, which, on many models, offers great performance and dependability. Thanks to unmatched vertical wheel control, abrupt camber, and scrub shifts are eliminated.

Hand Built Value

Can-Am engineers are committed to providing customers with high-quality goods. As a result, every machine is manually assembled and is operational as soon as it is delivered.

With a number of features available exclusively on Can-Am ATVs, the business also wants to make sure you get value for your money. These include the ability to adjust how much assistance is provided to the steering wheel or handlebars.

For many outdoor enthusiasts, Can-Am ATVs are a favorite because of their independence and other characteristics.


If you require your ATV to perform labor-intensive tasks like pulling and moving heavy items, make sure it has a huge towing, cargo, storage, and fuel capacity.


You can improve the comfort or performance of your ATV by adding more equipment. Make sure to fit the countless optional pieces of equipment to your needs.

For example, a ranch rear bumper or a rack extension for your Can-Am Outlander can make hard work easier and more efficient.


As was previously mentioned, there are several excellent ATVs on the market. You can never go wrong as long as you know which category your needs fall into, especially if you completed your homework well.

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